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Available in Many Different Stages of Growth

Having a development lab and nursery in Taiwan allows Evergreen Agri-Tech to import plants with media year round. Evergreen Agri-Tech specializes in orchids with pre-finished spikes supplied to local wholesale nurseries and greenhouses throughout the United States. These pre-finished spikes allow your nursery to easily bring the orchids to bloom. With greenhouse facilities in six cities across the US, Evergreen Agri-Tech can provide orchids in bloom across the country and throughout the year.


2", 3", 4" Imported Pots with Media!

We can import more than just the

bare root, so you get the freshest plants!


2" - 6" Pre-Finished Spike

Comes in 6" pots, only three to four

months from blooming.


12" - 18" Pre-Finished Spike

Comes in 6" pots, only two to three

months from blooming!

Mature Orchids in the Green House
Blooming White Phalaenopsis
Blooming Pink Phalaenopsis

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