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About EvergreenOrchids.com

EvergreenOrchids.com, part of Evergreen Agri-Tech, is committed to the highest standard of excellence in products and customer service. Evergreen Agri-Tech's world class orchids are developed through a cooperative effort between our Taiwan and California facilities. Our Taiwan laboratory creates new and unique strains of orchids starting with seedlings or mericlones in flasks. These growing techniques are utilized until maturity. They are then imported to Southern California, where they thrive in our new state of the art greenhouse. Evergreen Agri-Tech has facilities and partnerships in New York, Chicago, Denver, San Antonio, and Orlando that allow us to provide orchids across the country and throughout the year.

We sell our orchids in every stage of development, from bare root to mature plants including 2-6" or 12 - 18" tall pre-finished spikes, as well as blooming orchids. With the ability to ship internationally and domestically, we can provide your business with world class orchids, no matter where you are.



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Phone: (909) 902-5988 ~ E-mail: info@evergreenorchids.com